Coat of Arms

The Calgary Fire Department Pipes & Drums Coat of Arms is patterned after a hose coupling competition award handed out to Calgary Firefighters in the 1920’s.

Our Coat of Arms is truly an example of “design by committee”. The medal itself was brought to the band’s attention by John Cobo of the Calgary Firefighters Museum Society. The original design was developed by Jodi Weinberger. The Lion and maple leafs were added by members of the band, with final finishing touches by Pam at Autographics.

The design itself includes the Maltese Cross which is recognized around the world as a symbol for firefighters. The Rampart Lion has been “borrowed” from the Alberta Coat of Arms, and is seen holding a modern fire axe. The lion represents both our Province and Calgary’s Scottish heritage*. The hydrant, hose and axe are all examples of traditional firefighting tools.

The “est. 2002” was the year the Calgary Firefighters Piping Society was formally established. The introduction of Coat of Arms and the formal adoption of the name Calgary Fire Department Pipes & Drums did not take place until 2005.

The city of Calgary is named after a small Scottish hamlet of the same name. In Gaelic, Calgary is anglicized from Caol Garraidh, literally “narrows garden”  or “garden at the narrows”.*

*Thanks to 2Lt. Drew Shaw of the Canadian Scottish Regiment, a self  taught Gaelic speaking Canadian, piper and history buff.